General Pack S.A. has been operating since 1984, achieving great success at the industry of magazine and newspaper wrapping, as well as at the services of direct mail and press products finishing.

    Today we create the most upgraded hard cover bookbinding production line in the Greek Market, which is equivalent of the best worldwide.

    We can cover and exceed the needs of the greek market as the bookbingind production capacity is 7.000 books per hour, as the wrapping production capacity can reach 100.000 pieces per hour.

    Our site is located in Koropi, Attica spreading in 13.500sq m of own installations. The installations and equipment are fully complient with the EU regulations, providing ideal working conditions for our personnel and an excellent level of quality and safety to our products.

    Moreover, in order to increase our customer service, we have developed a second site in Kryoneri, Attica, which also consists of premium technology equipment, offering innovative solutions for products finishing.

    We always keep our equipment up to date and upgraded in order to keep up, not only with the market recommendations, but also for the customized needs of our clients.

    General Pack is certified with ISO 9001:2008 certificate proving the commitment to full quality and customer satisfacation.

    Our ultimate objective is to offer excellent service to our customers, therefore we have invested in technology and effective methods of production management. The production process is supported by our ERP software and by a strict technical specifications system, that assure of the best result according to the customers’ needs, the best product quality and the best accuracy at the time of delivery.


    The pursuing of our objective for premium services to our customers has led us to implement some very important investments in buildings and equipment, proving that General Pack is the most dynamic company of the finishing industry.

    During the period 2004-2008 the total invested amount was more than 15m € used in equipment upgrade and new buildings.

    During 2009 only the invested amount concerning the new bookbinding line and the associated buildings was more than 6m €.